Karo Agenda 2022

Edition Nr. 28 — Beautiful Indigenous.

The new edition of the Karo Agenda pays tribute to the beautiful native peoples of the North American continent, who have been and continue to be wrongly persecuted since Europeans first stepped foot on their land in 1492. The Indigenous peoples have undergone great pain and suffering for over five centuries. Not only have their land and resources been stolen, their children were taken away and forced to live — and unfortunately die — in residential schools. Currently 7310 (as of 27 October 2021) Indigenous children have been unearthed from unmarked mass burial graves, and it is believed that this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Karo Grafik stands with the Indigenous Peoples Movement and the community of activists, organizers, tribal leaders, social entrepreneurs, artists, educators, innovators and change makers who are working to re-build the common cultural and historical heritage of Indigenous peoples, groups and nations. We are fortunate that their culture and religion has not been completely erased from history.

The twenty-three black and white vintage photographs are an attempt to bring awareness to the beauty and diversity of the Indigenous people. If anyone can possibly save the planet, it will be them.

With a long tradition of user-friendly diaries, we created the Karo Agenda with clean lines and generous space for entries, notes and doodling. The 2022 edition is printed on Munken Print White (90 g/m2 and 1.8 bulk) uncoated paper stock. Available now directly from us or in one of our favourite local bookshops, including the Papiermühle, Palermo, carte blanche, Bider+Tanner and Ganzoni.

Karo Agenda 2022: Beautiful Indigenous. 28th Edition. 148 x 180 mm, 136 pp., hardcover with a robust, exposed, linen-covered spine and sewn binding, in English and German. CHF 44, Euro 38 plus shipping.

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