Karo Agenda 2024

Edition Nr. 30 — Never Get Old.

Happy Birthday, Karo Agenda! Even though you are getting old, you never get old.

The new diary features the lyrics of Sinéad O’Connor’s epic song ‘Never Get Old’ which includes Psalm 91:11–13 as an introduction and interlude in Gaelic. This biblical passage resonates with current signs of the times: A declaration of protection, asserting that one will walk unharmed among the fiercest of creatures — perhaps a metaphor for life’s trials and tribulations.

With a long tradition of user-friendly diaries, we created the Karo Agenda with clean lines and generous space for entries, notes and doodling. The 2024 edition is printed on Munken Print White (90 g/m2 and 1.8 bulk) uncoated paper stock. It is at the printers’ right now and will be available very soon, either directly from us or in one of our favourite local bookshops, including the Papiermühle, Palermo, Bider+Tanner and Ganzoni.

Karo Agenda 2024: Never Get Old. 30th Edition. 148 x 180 mm, 116 pp., hardcover with a robust, exposed, linen-covered spine and sewn binding, in English and German. CHF 45, Euro 39 plus shipping.

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