Weingart: The Man and the Machine.

As Professor of Typography, Wolfgang Weingart was one of the reasons why many design students came to study at the Basel School of Design. He lectured about the program all over the world and his posters became well-known throughout the design community. Mr. Weingart’s work as a teacher and visiting lecturer has not only strengthened his students as graphic designers, but has also played a decisive role in modern typography and design.

His students have now taken the opportunity to reflect on his teaching, their experiences in and out of the typeshop, the projects they created, as well as Weingart’s own work which has not only been an inspiration, but has made a significant impact on their lives as professionals.

The collection of 77 statements is boldly illustrated with photos of Mr. Weingart, portraits of the individual students and work from his teaching. And for the first time ever published, an essay by Dorothea Hofmann explains how the Advanced Class came into being at the Basel School of Design.

The establishment of the program in 1968 was preceded by nearly two decades of continuous refinement of an educational model developed by Armin Hofmann, with support from Emil Ruder and the City of Basel’s Department of Education.

The words from Weingart’s students – many of them given endearing and often witty nicknames, which are also listed in the book – paint vivid pictures of their mentor and reflect the true dedication and respect which they continue to hold for him today.

Weingart: The Man and the Machine. Karo Publishing, 2014. 167 x 215 mm, 96 pp., 116 black and white plates, hardcover, sewn binding and bookmark. Limited edition in English. ISBN 3-9521009-7-8. CHF 34, EUR 32, $34 (shipping not included). Just send us your order by email, including billing and mailing address. We will send you an invoice and you can pay via PayPal or credit card. As soon as we receive payment we’ll be happy to ship your book.