Mixing, Punks and Background Noise —
Real Punk Ginger Beer & the Art of Mixology

Photo: Siouxsie Sioux by Derek Ridgers.

This little paperback is an explosive collision of two of our favorite subjects: Real Punk Ginger Beer and music. Mixing, Punks and Background Noise is packed with 35 mixed drink recipes and 31 black and white photographs of 15 bands and 49 musicians from around the globe.


Learn to mix common cocktails such as Moscow Mule and Dark and Stormy and the lesser known Matcha Ginger Beer, Ginger Beer Caipirinha and Vintage Punk. All of the recipes use our own Real Punk Ginger Beer as a mixer. And for the especially ambitioned, we have included 2 recipes for making your own DIY infused aromatic bitters.

Photo: John Maher by Andy Chislehurst.

Ginger Beer Fizz. Margarita. Sangria. Cheers!

The musicians are not only esteemed stars, but also local artists who we highly admire. The concert photos include the following performers: Steve Albini, Bernie the Attorney, Big Muff, Nick Cave, Rowland S. Howard, L’Arbre bizarre, Lombego Surfers, Joey Ramone, Henry Rollins, Savages, Siouxsie Sioux, Mark E. Smith, Treelove, Warpaint and Jack White, to name a few.

Mixing, Punks and Background Noise — Real Punk Ginger Beer and the Art of Mixology. Karo Publishing, 2019. 167 x 215 mm, 64 pages, 31 black and white photographs, softcover, in English, limited edition of 250 copies. CHF 10, EUR 9 plus shipping. Real Punk Ginger Beer can be ordered directly from us at Karo Publishing.