What’s in My Food?

A Practical Guide to Food Additives and the New ‘Novel’ Insects.

E-Codes, also known as E-Numbers, are the coding system (E100–E1525) used to identify natural and synthetic food additives. Our brand new pocket guides contain all of these food additives to date, including food colouring, preservatives, antioxidants, acidity regulators, thickeners, stabilizers, emulsifiers and gelling agents.

We have added a simple symbol coding system to the list, showing which additives are harmless, dangerous or forbidden, which may contain animal products, as well as possible side effects.

The ‘Eat ze Bugz’ section focuses on the controversial novel food insects which, surprisingly, have been added to our food in Switzerland since May 2017. The booklet contains a list of over 1000 edible insects found throughout the world, grouped by their common family name and genus.

This handy little guide is available in two sizes with an optional protective slipcase. The booklet and the zigzag, concertina-fold ‘leporello’ fit into your shopping bag and will help you make decisions about what food to buy and put on your family’s plate.

What’s in My Food? A Practical Guide to Food Additive E-Codes and the New ‘Novel’ Insects. In English. Available directly from Karo Publishing. In two sizes, with an optional protective slipcase:
Booklet, 148 x 105 mm, 24 pp., CHF 8
Leporello, 108 x 83 mm, 12 panels with concertina fold, CHF 5