Thanks for the feedback.

Hey, I love the way it looks. I'll try to come to your opening. (Does M.N. have a sister per chance?) I’m trying to find a few people who’ll join me for a quick Irish whiskey. – L.B., Basel

Congratulations on your 20th! Incredible, we’re all getting old with your diary! — P.P., Zürich

Can I reckon that the diary will be coming soon, or will I reluctantly have to find another one?
– E.H.-S., Langnau

Year after year, even with an iPhone electronic diary – where everything automatically synchronizes in all directions: Please send me a diary for 2014. Don’t tell me you stopped making them! — O.H., Basel

Congratulations on the terrific title of your new diary! Fuzzy Logic is refreshing in these times of obsession with precision and alleged absence of ambiguity. Thank you. — C.S., Basel

Very fuzzy. Give my regards to Heisenberg. — J.M., Uster

I do need to order a new diary, even thought I won’t use it. My collection wouldn’t be complete without it. If the Karo Diary had an alarm clock for 5 min, 15 min, 30 min, 1 hr, 2 hrs, 1 day before, 2 days before, then I wouldn’t need a phone! — C.P.L, Basel

With relish I am already jotting down new appointments in my new diary, thanks to Steudler’s generosity. Thank you very much for this magical edition, it is beautiful but soothing, uncomfortable and inspiring at the same time.— S.B., Basel

To go without a Karo Diary is out of the question! — Dr. P.P., Zurich

Beautiful photos! — B.L., Zuos

I really like the transparent cover! — M.F., Grossaffoltern

I’m having an identity crisis at the moment, one symptom being I want to get back to analog, no more Outlook and syncing, but rather something tactile with ink smudges and rustling of paper. Without your diary this just isn’t possible. Thanks in advance. — J.M., Uster

i don’t have an i-phone, or a mobile phone, or an answering machine, or a driver’s license, or a microwave and, up until now, i had a karo pocket diary. sometimes i get frustrated because i belong to a minority. i am not against new things, but sometimes i feel all alone... — B.G., Riehen

Of course I would like to order a calendar once again! Thanks in advance and best wishes from Berlin to Basel, — Dr. M.L., Berlin

For years your diary has accompanied me on the job. All of my appointments were entered by hand in a beautiful book. Unfortunately, new technology has put a spell on me, and a product called iPhone now dominates my life. We have all of our office appointments in a central diary ... but I think you’ve probably already heard this story before. Just one thing: Thank you very much for the beautifully designed diaries! I wish you much success, and hope that there will always be people who still do their planning by hand. — P.M., Aarau

Thank you very much for the great calendar! Have a fabulous year and I hope you continue to make such wonderful calendars – please! — A.W., Berlin

Although I own an iPhone, I could never get used to it’s confusing calendar. Moreover, I tend to like to carry around snippets and Polaroid photos with me, and up until now there has always been a good place for them in the Desk diary :) For this reason, I would like to order one again this year, and I hope that you continue making them! U.C., Zürich

I’m looking forward to the new design! — S.D., Zürich

With growing enthusiasm, I browsed through the new diary. Since I was at a Real Ale festival in England this year, I’ve become totally addicted to Real Ale. — A.M., Basel

Before it’s too late: I need a diary. — A.S., Solothurn

I am back again (as every year) to order a diary from you. Could you write a personal inscription in it again for me … (Please, please, please). Many thanks and much love, — C.F., Basel

When you get back from Hawaii*, may I purchase 2 diaries? [* Ed.: I’ve never been to Hawaii.] — H.S., Dornach

Yesterday was the big day to give your diary away. It caused quite a riot. She loved your diary!
— M.L., Wallisellen

Just like every year… looking forward to the new Karo Diary. S.H., St. Gallen

I am in urgent need of a diary!! Otherwise I cannot work with so many slips of paper flying around!
— K.S., Basel