Basel City: Brochure and Coupon Booklet for New Residents
A fresh mix of modern and color photography adds spice to this brochure which is given to every new resident of the city. (All photography is by Karo except photograph of the Novartis Campus on page 8.)

21 x 29.7cm, 22 full color offeset.
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Front and back cover

Table of contents

Inside spread: Living in Basel
In addition to the main copy, local places of interest are showcased on generous full-color pages with short narrative captions.

Inside spread: Basel's political system
Traditional and modern are juxaposed to add a true feeling of the city.

Important addresses and phone numbers

Public holidays calendar

The coupon booklet has freebies, including free entrance to local museums. The coupons are perforated, so when the booklet is empty, all that is left is a little picture book with the names and addresses of the places of interest.