Don’t break the rules — Busking in Basel.

13 September 2019 — For you street musicians planning to busk in Basel, here is a handy (and quite rare!) poster clearly stating the rules. Please leave your excessively loud instruments at home. Good luck!

> These buskers from Shibuya would be breaking the rules
> … or this French busker in Italy would also be breaking the rules in Basel.

New prototype — Curcuma Beer.

10 September 2019 — Curcuma is a spice also known as turmeric and is used in cooking and alternative medicine. It belongs to the ginger family (Zingiberaceae) and when brewed with Ginger Beer Plant it is very tasty. The labels showcase our favourite musical icons including Ian Curtis performing with Joy Division in Rotterdam in January 1980, photo by Rob Verhorst.

The Official Joy Division YouTube channel features many reimagined videos which are an absolute catastrophy — just read any of the comments. As one viewer responded, “This video was made for the people who bought an Unknown Pleasures t-shirt having no idea who Joy Division is.”

Sorry, Ian!

> Joy Division live at the Manchester Apollo (Second Show, 28 October 1979)
> Official Joy Division YT channel

More aliens in the house — Greenhouse.

19 July 2019 — In co-operation with K’Werk Bildschule bis 16 and Kunst Raum Riehen, children and adolescents will engage with the theme of plants in classes and workshops, creating works using various materials — from nature, recycled objects, different types of paper, including photo paper and cloth — making their own alien art plants.

The art room in Riehen will be transformed into a haunted greenhouse. The resulting art works will be part of an exhibition which will be completed during the summer festival of the Fondation Beyeler and will remain open for viewing for a week.

Karo Graphic Design designed the exhibition poster and all of accompanying printed matter, including the invitation card, the exhibition signage, a series of postcards and a research booklet. Hope you can stop in for a visit in Riehen!

Opening reception: Friday, August 9th, 18:00
Summer party of the Fondation Beyeler and the town of Riehen: Saturday, August 10th, 10:00–22:00

> K’Werk Bildschule bis 16
> Kunst Raum Riehen
> Fondation Beyeler

Séance with an alien — Future Cabaret.

31 May 2019 An exciting evening awaits you in Zurich with the première of Future Cabaret, a brand new retroactive, avante-garde floor show. The program offers an ultra-modern twist on the traditional act of communicating with a higher world through music and song. Our friend Sara Schlumpf from Zug has created the haute couture costumes and concept.

And at the bar, our Real Punk Ginger Beer will be making a première in Zurich as well! Hello, Züri!

Date: Saturday, June 15th
Location: Rost und Gold, Uetlibergstrasse 15, 8045 Zurich, near Manesseplatz
Time: doors open at 7:30 pm (with DJ, bar and Real Punk Ginger Beer), performance starts at 9 pm
Entry: donations

Future Cabaret is:
Sara Schlumpf, haute couture and concept
Kim (Divine), choreography and vocals
Rebecca (Rebalien), bass
Andrea (Andrealien), violin
Nico (NiCo), drums
Sandra (Ming Sa), measuring love
Dirk (Dirkinator), mixing and sound

> Rost und Gold
> Sara Schlumpf Switzerland

Sri Veda — Wisdom for your soul (and good food too).

16 May 2019 — In the summer of 1775, we were fortunate to have had Johann Wolfgang von Goethe as a guest here in St. Christoffel. Just a hop, skip and a jump away from our studio is a quaint little historical building where apparently King Gustav of Sweden resided in 1818. What a noble part of town! Today, our hosts Dunia and Viraj at Sri Veda serve authentic Ayurvedic cuisine which is indeed suited for kings. They offer lovely soups and fresh salads as well as vegetarian and meat/fish curries with steamed basmati rice, homemade yogurt sauce and hot chutney.

A chilled bottle of our Real Punk Ginger Beer will be sure to hit the spot and is now available at this insider tip in the St. Johann district of Basel. We feel like we fit right in here, as everything is made with love, including homemade samosas and cakes from Dunia’s grandmother’s recipe book.

Finish off with a small handful to cardamom seeds to help digestion and refresh your breath. Highly recommended! But we do suggest getting there early, because this tiny space fills up very fast at lunchtime.

Real Punk Ginger Beer is currently available at the following fine addresses:

> Sri Veda Imbiss, St. Johanns-Vorstadt 72
> Café Flore, Klybeckstrasse 5
> Kulturbeiz 113, Burgweg 15
> John Tweed, Clarastrasse 11
> Milan, Hammerstrasse 163 — unfortunately, this pop-up restaurant closed last month.

Smart drinks — Bring on the summer.

15 April 2019 — We are very excited that a few new local cafés and restaurants have opted in to serve our Real Punk Ginger Beer. The ginger beer wort — pictured below with a sack of fresh ginger root — smells absolutely lovely and the prototypes are in the last tweaking phase.

We have revived the old tradition of adding raisins to the bottles to supply trace mineral nutrients and a bit of natural fruit sugar (glucose) to feed the yeast during bottle conditioning. When we first put them in, they sink to the bottom. But once the Real Punk Ginger Beer has finished it’s bottle conditioning and is fully carbonated, the raisins have absorbed moisture, returning to their plump grape shape. When they float to the top, that is a sign that it’s ready to drink. What a smart drink!

Ask your barista or garçon for a fresh bottle of Real Punk Ginger Beer at the following places:

> Café Flore, Klybeckstrasse 5
> Kulturbeiz 113, Burgweg 15
> Milan, Hammerstrasse 163
> John Tweed, Clarastrasse 11

Real Punk Ginger Beer — Homebrewing on your brain.

The Ginger Beer Plant was studied extensively by British botanist Harry Marshall Ward in the 1800s in West London. He discovered the organisms which are vital for the formation of the GBP. This illustration is from his book The Ginger-Beer Plant, and the Organisms Composing it: A Contribution to the Study of Fermentation-Yeasts and Bacteria (Royal Society of London, 1892).

15 February 2019 — You have probably heard of ginger beer, perhaps you have tasted it once or twice, or even better, you are already a fan. Traditional ginger beer is a naturally brewed beverage, dating back to as early as 500 BC. Real ginger beer is made in a two-step fermentation process, just like beer. It is naturally carbonated and contains no additional flavorings. Ginger beer doesn’t taste like beer and it contains just minimal traces of alcohol.

After many months of tinkering around in the kitchen, we are ready to unleash our very own Real Punk Ginger Beer. For our brew, we use a verified pure (non-hybrid) English Ginger Beer Plant, which is made up of two organisms, Saccharomyces florentinus yeast and the bacterium Lactobacillus hilgardii. The lactobacillus is very common in nature but the yeast is quite rare in the wild, adding to the mystery of the Ginger Beer Plant. We purify the local tap water by reverse osmosis — as it is certainly not as clean as claimed to be! And we use fresh ginger and a bit of lemon juice to keep the pH levels down, both of these are quality organic ingredients.

The first label prototypes offer an hommage to our favorite punk icons from the late 1970s.

We have gone back to the roots of this delicious beverage and you have probably never tasted anything quite like it. Current ginger beers which you can buy at your favorite coffee shop or grocery store are often manufactured rather than brewed, and are basically carbonated water flavored with ginger extract, color additives, stabilizers and/or preservatives. Our Real Punk Ginger Beer is unfiltered and has a hazy sediment which contains healthy vitamins and minerals. Since we add nothing else to the brew, it is a living product and should be kept chilled until serving and consumed while very fresh.

A peek into the fermentation bucket with a lovely formation of hexagon shaped bubbles atop the naturally pink ginger wort.

We are still working on the choice of bottle – the size, colour and closure are all critical to the look of the final product.

Ginger root has powerful anti-inflammatory properties and is known to boost bone and joint health, strengthen the immune system, relieve nausea and pain and improves circulation and respiration. Real Punk Ginger Beer is a great alternative if you are trying to cut down your intake of alcohol, as it has it’s own special kick. Ginger beer can also be used as a mixer for popular highballs* such as the Moscow Mule and the Dark and Stormy:

Moscow Mule Highball
2 ounces vodka
3/4 ounce Real Punk Ginger Beer
1/2 ounce fresh lime juice
1/2 teaspoon granulated sugar
Fresh mint
Lime wedges
Add all ingredients to a cocktail shaker filled with ice.
Shake well and strain into a tall glass.
Garnish with a lime wedge and fresh mint.

Dark and Stormy Highball
5 ounces Real Punk Ginger Beer
2 1/2 ounces dark rum
2–3 slices of lime
Fill a glass with ice and pour in the ginger beer, then the rum. Garnish with lime wedges.
If you want the rum to float on top, after you pour in the ginger beer, slowly pour the rum over the back of a spoon into the glass.

*Highball: a type of alcoholic drink which is served in a tall glass; possibly derived from the words high (as in tall) and ball (a drink of whisky). Others believe the word was derived from railway jargon for the signal to proceed (originally by lifting a ball). Still others believe the term comes from the Flemish word bolleke (a glass of beer). Boll means glass, and eke is the diminutive. So the term ball of malt must mean a glass of whisky. The Flemings brought the term to England in the 1400s and from there it spread to Ireland and, ultimately, America in the (slightly) altered form of highball. One can even surmise that the Dutch themselves brought this old word to America, using it in Manhattan and the Hudson Valley in Upstate New York.

We are pleased to announce that our Real Punk Ginger Beer is being offered at Milan, the coolest new restaurant in Kleinbasel! They have an excellent menu and we recommend a plate of their delicious homemade ravioli or risotto and a bottle of our superfresh ginger brew.

> Milan by Squadra Violi, Hammerstrasse 163, 4057 Kleinbasel, reservations suggested, it’s a small place and always fills up to the max.

> Update: John Tweed in Kleinbasel is now carrying our Real Punk Ginger Beer. Stop in their shop at Clarastrasse 11 and dip yourself into some retro.

Ringing in your ears — Open-access protest posters.

#You don't own me — Kim Gordon’s poster features dripping gold paint.
Who RU? identity boots — Martine Gutierrez recreates a shoe ad in a fictional magazine.

7 January 2019 — Another shaky year behind us and you ask yourself, what can I do to change the world? It begins on a local level: First of all, stop using plastic. Make purchases at shops which offer bulk foods. Do not select items packaged in plastic. If this is not possible, bin any plastic packaging on the spot before leaving your grocery store, forcing the food industry to re-think it’s packaging policies. Just think how the shops would react if everyone did this. Is convenience worth the huge mess we have made of our planet? It isn’t difficult, just re-program your brain and be consistent in your actions.

Secondly, get out and be politically active. Visionaire magazine recently asked artists and activists to create protest posters on issues ranging from violence and criminal justice to climate change and equal rights. The posters are aimed at providing an essential tool of political activism and are intended to be downloaded and used free of charge. They may be used at protests and can be printed out at home or posted online, as we have done here.

> Unverpackt in Kleinbasel
> Abfüllerei in Grossbasel
> Visionaire Publishing, NYC