Our office space is traditional and solid on the outside, modern and bright on the inside. We are located in the St. Christoffel building at St. Johanns-Vorstadt 15, two doors down from Ackermannshof. Parking in the neighborhood is tight and we recommend using the local public transportation. The nearest stations are: streetcar 11, Universitätsspital (University Hospital) or bus 33, Johanniterbrücke (Johanniter Bridge). Or, since the town is so small, we are easily accessible by foot or by bike.

The street St. Johanns-Vorstadt used to be outside of the Inner City Wall, which was constructed around 1230. In 1859, the city decided to tear down most of Basel’s walls and gateways. Only three of the city gates where saved from demolition (including the Inner Gate of Saint John, St. Johanns-Tor, which is just down the road from our studio) and are preserved as sites of historical interest.

So beware: The street name suddenly changes from St. Johanns-Vorstadt to Totentanz as you approach the heart of the Old City. This can make it difficult to find us, if you are not on your toes.

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