Ringing in your ears — Open-access protest posters.

#You don't own me — Kim Gordon’s poster features dripping gold paint.
Who RU? Identity boots — Martine Gutierrez recreates a shoe ad in a fictional magazine.

7 January 2019 — Another shaky year behind us and you ask yourself, what can I do to change the world? It begins on a local level: First of all, stop using plastic. Make purchases at shops which offer bulk foods. Do not select items packaged in plastic. If this is not possible, bin any plastic packaging on the spot before leaving your grocery store, forcing the food industry to re-think it’s packaging policies. Just think how the shops would react if everyone did this. Is convenience worth the huge mess we have made of our planet? It isn’t difficult, just re-program your brain and be consistent in your actions.

Secondly, get out and be politically active. Visionaire magazine recently asked artists and activists to create protest posters on issues ranging from violence and criminal justice to climate change and equal rights. The posters are aimed at providing an essential tool of political activism and are intended to be downloaded and used free of charge. They may be used at protests and can be printed out at home or posted online, as we have done here.

> Unverpackt in Kleinbasel
> Abfüllerei in Grossbasel
> Visionaire Publishing, NYC